Feeling fit, being active and enjoying my own wellbeing have always been important to me. I have had many roles in my life, from barmaid and boat builder, to mother and teaching assistant. I have managed a county-wide environmental project and more recently taken my interest in fitness and wellbeing further.

Retraining many years after leaving college has been a rewarding experience. I have been able to use my life experience to bring a bit of realism to training others. At 14 stone after the birth of my second child, I struggled with the idea of buying size 16 clothes. It has been a long road and not always the easiest or most enjoyable, but I am now happy with myself. I have never had so much energy. Or felt so strong. I cycle, swim, run, kayak, Nordic walk and chase around after my two beautiful girls.  

Level 2 Fitness Instructing Gym – 2 (CYQ)

Level 2 Certificate in Nordic and Fitness Walking (CYQ)
Level 3 Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness (CYQ)

Level 3 Cerificate in Personal Training (CYQ)

Level 3 Certificate in Exercise Referral for Clients with Specific Controlled Conditions (CYQ)

Advance Human Motion (CYQ)

Physical Assessment (CYQ)

Postural Analysis (CYQ)

Advanced Resistance Training (CYQ)

Advanced Cardiovascular Training(CYQ)

Exercise Prescription For Fat Loss (CYQ)

T.I.D.E – Training In Different Environments (CYQ)

Nutrition & Weight Management (CYQ)

Running Camp (Drummond Education) 


I believe that anyone can improve their fitness levels with support and good advice.

My aim is to offer a friendly, effective alternative to the gym.



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